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Candle Care Kit - Home Decor & Gifts

Candle Care Kit - Home Decor & Gifts

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Proper candle care is essential to the longevity of every candle.

Ensure your candle has the best care with our candle care kit, featuring wick scissors, wick dipper, and candle snuffer.

Each kit arrives in a hand lettered bag for safe keeping.

Color: Gold Tone 

Wick Trimmer: 6.75"

Candle Snuffer: 6.25"

Wick Dipper: 7.6"

Hand Lettered Drawstring Pouch Included 

Candle Care Kit tools are to be used by adults only.

Use caution when snuffing out flames with the wick snuffer and wick dipper.

Wick trimmers are scissors and have sharp blades - use with care.

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