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Bliss by Cori

Market of Stars - Friendship Love and Truth Vintage Wash (Cropped Length) Kimono

Market of Stars - Friendship Love and Truth Vintage Wash (Cropped Length) Kimono

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Market Of Stars

Meet the vintage inspired, sun-washed version of our most beloved design! Fans of our original FLT print will love this fresh take with its soft, antiqued tones of lavender, sage, gold and aqua. Created over several months using seven different handmade lithographs from the 1800’s, this one-of-a-kind print features historic symbols of Friendship, Love, and Truth.

The antiqued tones and muted background colors in this beautiful piece make it so easy to pair with almost any color in your wardrobe! For a more subdued look, mix it with sage green, khaki, and pastel shades of lilac, aqua, gold, or cream… and to amp things up try pairing it with brighter colors like coral, mustard, turquoise or plum.

We especially love this one styled with distressed pieces — think ripped denim, a frayed-edge tank, or anything patchwork — and lots of boho jewelry layered on. The more creative, the better!

The worn-in, vintage palette is so pretty and effortless for everyday wear with jeans or linen separates — and we think it makes the most beautiful, thoughtful gift for anyone with a special spot in your heart :)

In the era before social media and texting, the Victorians were great lovers of using pictures and symbols in their letters, artwork, and communications (kind of like we use emojis today).

Symbols like the ones in our FLT Vintage Wash design often appeared on greeting cards, postcards, and jewelry to communicate messages of love.

Specific flowers even symbolized different things — for example, a camellia was symbol of longing, and the iris represented faith & hope. Back then, just like today, a picture was worth a thousand words.

100% bamboo/wood viscose. Machine wash gentle or handwash and hang to dry. Iron to finish if needed.

Kimono measurements: length 58cm, width (across back, underarm to underarm) 74cm. 

One size fits most.

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