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Logevy Firenze 1965 - US

Logevy Firenze 1965 - Home Fragrances - Tobacco Toscano Luxury Reed Diffuser

Logevy Firenze 1965 - Home Fragrances - Tobacco Toscano Luxury Reed Diffuser

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Strong and vigorous, it offers moments of great intensity.

Thanks to their aesthetic shape, our diffusers harmoniously integrate with your home or workplace decor.

Made in Tuscany: Our room fragrances are handcrafted in Tuscany by skilled artisans, using only high-quality ingredients and traditional production techniques. 

For ‘Tabacco Toscano,’ the master perfumer recommends the following spaces: Entrance, Study ,Living Room, Office

250ml Sticks included

Made in Italy

Olfactory Family: Spicy

Mood: Meditative

Best For: Hall - Studio - Living Room - Office

Olfactory Pyramid: Honey - Sweet Notes - Tobacco - Tonka Bean

The Master Perfumer, Stefano Cintelli, exemplifies how childhood experiences and passions can profoundly influence a person's life path.

His brand, Logevy, attests to the power of memories and the joy of sharing those experiences through fragrances.

Similarly, the story of Caterina de' Medici and Renato Bianco highlights the enduring influence of cultural exchanges and the legacy of the Renaissance in the world of perfumery.

Both stories showcase the timeless allure of fragrances and their ability to evoke deep and meaningful connections across time and space.

Logevy, inspired by nature, incorporates the essence of three extraordinary plants: Mediterranean Honeysuckle, symbolizing elegant love; Gentian, representing determination and strength; and Periwinkle, embodying sweet memories.

Each fragrance encapsulates profound meanings, transforming Logevy into a sensory journey of love, elegance, and memories. "Lo" represents the elegance of love. "Ge" embodies resilience. "VY" symbolizes victory.

Explore the enchanted world of Logevy, where each fragrance tells stories of love, strength, and nostalgia.


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